Bibliografia gramsciana

02 Sep 1998

Congratulations on your wonderful Web page on Antonio Gramsci. I only wish that every country had made a comparable contribution! If that were so then we would have a real basis for our international society. I am especially impressed with your bibliography! I was about to write comrade Coutinho to send me recent titles of publications by or on Gramsci. But that will no longer be necessary! You should know that Maria Luisa Righi of the Fond. Ist. Gramsci and I are preparing a final edition of our BIBLIOGRAFIA GRAMSCIANA (Two volumes, 1991 & 1995 plus an electronic supplement). We plan to publish it in Rome early in the year 2000. It will contain about 14,000 entries in some 33 languages.
Thanks again for your fine contribution.

John M. Cammett - Bibliographer
International Gramsci Society - IGS